ET Contact Network - FAQs

Below are some commonly submitted questions/comments, please review:


1.       Can’t find it on the App Store

The ET Contact Network Application is not available on any of the App Stores, it is really just a webpage with application type functionality so that it deploys easier across multiple platforms.

From the browser on your cell phone, access

On the iPhone, follow the prompt to download an icon to your mobile device’s main page. The default name for the Icon will be “ET Network”, but you can change it.  You may then launch the application from your iPhone! 

On the Android, we suggest adding a shortcut to the URL on your favorites bar. 

Please provide all feedback to the sender of this email,

On non-mobile device, access the same URL from your desktop browser.  You will not be prompted to download an icon to your desktop.


2.       I live in an area with no other people registered and I do not see any other points near me

No one who lives near you has registered yet.  Use the map to zoom further out until you see the triangles closest to you.


3.       Can we have some ability to set up CE5 user groups?

CE5 User Group Management is likely to be included in a future release.


4.       Does it work for Windows or other non-iPhone or Android devices?

Yes it does.  It is really just a web page and can be accessed from any browser on your desktop or any smart mobile device independent of the operating system. The process for downloading an icon to you desktop is provided above for iPhone an Android, but has not yet been provided for Windows Smart Phones. The icon however, is just a more convenient way to access, it still works thru standard browser capability without downloading the icon.


5.       I am already an ET Contact Tool customer, and I cannot login

A new and free app named “ET Contact Network” has been released to connect with people in your area or around the world.  Access from the browser on your mobile device.

This app is different than the app you purchased previously called “ET Contact Tool” which is a FULL and very complete training program by Dr. Greer on how to make contact with Extraterrestrial Civilizations. We strongly recommend the ET Contact Tool as well for people that like to get together in groups or go outside by themselves and perform ET contact protocols provided by Dr. Greer. This app can be obtained at


6.       Can we have a chat capability like other social networking tools?

Secure Chat capability is likely to be included in a future release.


7.       I cannot see anyone’s contact info.

About half of the registered users have configured their profile to not display their information. The only required field to display is user name. 

Tap on some more triangle map points you should find some that have included contact info.  We have ideas for future releases to provide more connect ability.


8.       I DO NOT want my personal email or phone to be on display, however, I want to be able to connect with people and have them connect with me.

You can quickly set up a free and anonymous Gmail account at:  This account can be used only for ET Network if you like, and/or you can use it for anything else with anonymity.


9.       UNHANDLED Exception Error.

This is a bug and will be fixed. Please report exactly what you did when you received this error.


10.    Forgotten Username or Password  

            Forgotten Password: Select the “Forgot Password” button below the login.

            Forgotten Username: For now, email support; soon we will add a Forgot Username button as well.


11.    How does the map decide where to open to when I login? 

If it has been less than 30 minutes since your last access, it will take you to the last point on the map that you viewed.


If it has been more than 30 minutes since your last access, and you allowed location tracking when you first logged in, then it will display the portion of the map where you are currently located.


If it has been more than 30 minutes since you logged in, and you told the system not to track your current location, then it will display your home location in the center of the screen.


12.     I registered but my map point is not showing up.

When a user registers, the system submits the address to Google Maps to get map coordinates (longitude and latitude) for the user. If Google Maps cannot find the address it will store the user with no map coordinates. When this occurs, you will not be able to find your point on the map after you register.  On April 10th, an enhancement was released such that upon registration, the system informs the user if the submitted address cannot be found. The system also provides the instructions to the user to update their profile with . If you registered, but cannot find your map point, then please follow this process:


You have registered, however, the system was not able to find the address you entered.  

Please obtain the latitude and longitude of your address by going to the following URL:

You will have the following fields:

Address: type in your full address

Source: select the down arrow to pick “Google”

Select the button entitled “Geocode it”

You should see at least one map point result from the Geocoding. If there are more than one, select the one that looks closest to your location.

Notice there are two rows with different latitude and longitude format that should look something like this:

Latitude, longitude: 37.4115791, -108.6454391

Latitude, longitude: N37° 24.6947', W108° 38.7263'

The first row (underlined) is the format that you need to either cut and paste or key into your ET Contact Network Profile.

Make sure you put the latitude in the “Latitude” field, and the longitude in the “Longitude” field!

Select the “Save Changes” button on the bottom of you registration page.

Now, you would be able to find your map point. If you cannot, please go back into your profile and confirm that the Lat and Long match the result of the Geocode perfectly, and that they are keyed in the right order.


Thank you.

ET Contact Network Support Team